Future Next is Passionate StartUps Partner

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Innovative Ideas to Reality

Future Next has been delivering comprehensive software Solutions using latest technologies to StartUps and to Enterprises with design thinking approach. Our solutions are always built using cutting edge technologies and design thinking approach that leads to achieve high-fidelity, timely and responsive solutions. Future Next is a strategic partner who is fully cooperative in our support from ideation to go live and support. Future Next provide flexibility for startups by keeping things simple and help to innovate better.

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Future Next is your offshore technology partner

Designers to Thinkers

Design thinking is an approach to problem solving. Design thinking is often confused with visual design. Design is not what it looks like, and what it feels like, design is how it actually works. Future Next start from what the users, customers, people need or want to do. Their motivations and problems they are trying to solve. Future Next has the ability to understand how others feel. There is not one single process or toolkit that serves every single case. Design thinking is not the answer to every problem. There is a wide variety of processes and tools that people customize to serve their needs. Future Next transformed from designers to thinkers.

“ It’s your startup's Big Idea. Future Next exists to transform into Success!”

Future Next is Passionate-StartUps Partner


Our aim is to bring business value to our clients by deploying dedicated resources and time to ensure that goal is achieved.


Being a process oriented company Future Next ensure prompt and quality deliverables within scheduled time.


Best outcome of the project is possible with regular communication which provides more visibility and transparency.

Future Next Offers


Future Next - your technology partner, to develop solutions that meet complex business requirements
Future Next offer design and development services of complex Web-based solutions from concept development, UX/UI design, full-cycle front-end and back-end software engineering to deployment and support.

Ready to transform your innovative ideas to apps, Future Next develop Android applications that are engineered to perform and use innovative mobile business strategies, elegant UI design resulting in delightful user experiences .
Future Next analyze and build on ideas that would be the best fit for your mobile app requirement. Distinctive expertise in custom design and development of secure, high performance and robust iPhone apps.

APPLICATION maintenance
Using Agile methodologies, Future Next provide application maintenance services that includes New features implementation, Configuration & Performance Management, Troubleshooting, Code review and Testing.

Power your Business with our Cloud solutions. Future Next support and manage the world’s leading cloud platforms namely Amazon AWS, Microsoft AZure, Google Cloud which features on-demand scalability, reduced costs, effective operations.
Whether you are a startUp or an established business - Future Next don’t just create custom software but build solutions to your business problems.Tap into our domain and technology expertise to develop a custom product.

StartUps Partner Program - Empowers Entrepreneurs

Future Next is committed to provide all possible assistance

Innovative Idea to launch of successful product, we partner you through this remarkable transformation. Future Next strive to build products for startups and be a part of their success. Having started as a small company, Future Next understands the challenges of startups. Future Next applies design thinking approach and analyse their initial idea, provide visualisation of product design with agile development approach, timely strategic advice and continuously support as a technology partner. Future Next works in close cooperation with our customers, follow up in a timely fashion and stick to our commitments.

Our Design Thinking Work Plan

Systematic Framework for Implementing Innovation

With Design Thinking process Future Next gain an empathic understanding of the problem you are trying to solve.
Analyse insights collected at the time of empathizing and construct point of view based on user needs.
We brainstorm & come up with creative solutions and then evaluate best methods to solve the problem.

Prototype & Develop
Build representation of Ideas, a prototype can later transform into a beta product or a minimal viable product (MVP)
Test & Refine
Designers or evaluators rigorously test the complete product and record understanding, conditions of use, how users think and feel.
Deploy & Support
Deploy the chosen solution and make refinements on the basis of user experience.

Industry Experience

Experience in Innovation & Design of Creative Stuff for different IT industry verticals

Our Products

Future Next is getting ready to release our couple of products to market shortly
Event Conference Solution

End-to-End Solution for managing Events or Conference. Power your events with the right technology tools that assist in success while hosting a conferences or events.

  Online Registration

  Guest Data Management

  Payment Processing

  On-Site Functionality

  Event Reporting

News Delivery Network

Manage News - A platform to deliver NEWS as been designed in a user friendly way, easy to use interface makes it the preferred solution for news management

  Authentication Control for publishing

  User friendly interface to publish News

  Supports Multimedia content

  Social Networking enabled

  Multilingual support

Manage Website

One Product, Many Solutions- A Content Management System which enables you to publish Web content, with intuitive controls that makes it easy to manage Website.

  Robust Authoring tools

  Easy integration with other platforms

  Multi-User permission level

  Multilingual support

  Multisite support

Appointment Scheduling Tool

An Enterprise Appointment Scheduling enable video calls and set reminders within the platform. It also provides many consolidated views/reporting for the coordinator and Management.

  Program Manabement

  User and Program Mapping

  Notifications, reminders and SMS

  Facilitate Online Video Calls

  Management Reporting

Retail Data Analytics Solution

An Analytics solution for the retail industry, it enables detection of number of people entering & exiting the store and derive actionable insights from your customer data.

  Location and time-based metrics

  Reporting and analytics

  Trend prediction

  Conversion analysis for promotions

  Unique and repeat visits

Issue & Project Management Tool

Custom designed for Agile software development projects, managing issues using this tool is easy and it clearly visualises the status of the project with full insight into who's doing what.

  Project and issue tracking

  Track progress at a glance

  Customizable workflows

  Estimate and track time accurately

  Analyze project data with reports

Implementing Best Solutions for your Business

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What's Happening this Year

Working On BlockChain and IOT

Our latest step in improving product quality, reducing costs and avoiding delays by adopting DevOps practices.

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DevOps Overview

With DevOps Future Next accelerates software development and improve quality. DevOps practice involves software developers, infrastructure administrators, quality assurance and operations professionals collaborate early and often to anticipate potential problems and actively incorporate feedback throughout the software development cycle


Adopting DevOps Model

DevOps Practices

DevOps practices like continuous integration and continuous delivery help us deliver faster and provide more reliable updates to our customers. Infrastructure automation practices, like infrastructure as code and configuration management, help to keep computing resources elastic and responsive to frequent changes.

Our Technology Stack

We have worked on many more technologies, framework apart from what has been listed like MEAN Stack, LAMP Stack, Parse, Firebase and may more and we are in process of learning/implementing BlockChain, BI Tools and Artificial Intelligence .

Team adopts new technical skills based on market demand

technical skills
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